Usage: WATCH [cslL] [+|-<nick|command>] [+|-<nick>]
This command works the same way as the ISON command, although it will notify you if the user appears or goes away until the person is removed from your watch list. You can input up to 5 nick names or channels into each watch command. You can send multiple watch commands.
Adding a nick/channel prefixed with a '-' will remove the entry from the watch list. If you add a channel, it will tell you when the channel empties or has a user join after it was empty.
The single letter commands have the following functionalities:
c - Clear the watch list
s - Show your watch list and how many watch lists your nick is on
l - Show who on our watch list is online
L - Show the entire watch list, indicating which users are online and which are offline
/watch +SirenDevil +#gravity +Dagobert
/watch c
/watch L
Watch is designed to let you know when your friends are online. It works much like the BUDDY command, although you have to set it each time you log into the network. It also does not require the authorization of the people you want to add.
Operators may find it useful to add channels to their watch lists at times, for instance if the channel is known to be a meeting point for known abusive users or bots.