Usage: MEMO <nick|#channel> [MTARGET UOP|VOP|AOP|SOP|MGR [UOP|VOP|AOP|SOP|MGR]] [MTOPIC <topic> MBODY] <message>
If a nickname is specified, then this will send a memo to the given nick. The nickname must be registered and you must be using a registered nickname. The receiving user will be told that a new memo was sent the next time he logs on, and can then use READ to read it.
You can also specify a topic of the memo, this is done by adding MTOPIC <topic> MBODY before the memo. Note, that the MBODY keyword is needed to mark the end of the topic and the beginning of the memo.
With a channel parameter, the memo is sent to all users on the access lists of the channel. You can narrow the target group down further by specifying the MTARGET keyword, followed by a list of access lists. However, if you use MTARGET, then MTOPIC and MBODY are also required.
/memo George mtopic The new plans mbody Hey, try to catch me online, we need to discuss the new plans.
/memo #staff Happy new year, everybody.
/memo #staff mtarget sop mgr mtopic Topic-lock mbody The topic is not locked and can only be changed by users with SOP and MGR access.
Note: this command replaces the "/memoserv send" command. See also FOLDER and READ to access memos.