This command is for Java users only. It allows the user to load various available management/control panels. All the Panels are case sensitive.
Available Panels:
IgnoreList - User Ignore panel
NickServPanel - Services Nickname management panelMemoServPanel - Services Memo services panel
ChanServPanel - Services Room management panel
OpPanel - Room control panel
ImagePanel - Images/picture panel
WhoCard - Whois information panel
AvatarPanel - Avatars: image/icon representing a user
BuddyList - Watch/notify management list panel
/load NickServPanel
/load OpPanel
/load BuddyList
The panels give you an easier way to send commands. They are simple graphical user interfaces to make chatting easy. You do not have to remember the exact commands, you can just push the button on the panel that pops up. If any information is needed, it will generally prompt you for it. You can close a panel when you are done with it and reload it later.