Usage: KICK <#channel> <nick|mask> [<reason>]
Used to force users to leave a channel. The reason parameter is not required, but if specified will be sent to the client as part of the kick. Only users who are opped (CMODE +o) in the channel can kick others out.
You can use a wildcard mask instead of a nick name and thus kick many matching users at once, this can be useful to either empty a channel entirely or kick all users with a certain ident or host.
/kick #webmaster Phillip Don't flood this channel.
/kick #panama bot* We don't like bots.
/kick #panama *!*@* Cloning.
The channel's ops may kick anyone for any reason, but this command should be reserved for people who are causing problems in the channel. In general, channels that kick frivolously become less popular. It is good to put an explanation of the kick in the command, because it helps the person being kicked learn how to behave acceptably in the future.
Note: If used as "/KICK <#channel> *", this command replaces the service comand /CS MKICK.