Usage: ATTACH <#channel> <description>
Usage: ATTACH <password> <email address>
If the first parameter is a channel name, then this command attaches a new channel to your nick, thereby registering it. The channel must be unregistered and you must be op (see CMODE +o) in it. The description parameter is any string following the channel name and should contain a general idea of what the channel is about.
Note: The channel is attached to your nick directly, this means it does NOT need another password. If you specify a password, it will be added to the description and people will be able to read it in the channel info.
If the first argument is not a channel, then ATTACH tries to register the nick you are currently using. For that, you also need to specify an email address in order to verify the registration.
The nickname must not be registered, yet.
/attach #trivia a fun place to test your trivia knowledge
/attach #math a channel to discuss mathematics
/attach Fz5nr
If you plan to talk to a group of people regularly, you should register a channel in which to do it. Only in registered channels you can maintain access lists and place AKICKs for disturbing users. AOPs, SOPs, MGRs and the founder of a channel get operator status in it the moment they join.
In general, registration ensures that nobody else can change settings of your channel or steal it while you are not in the channel.
Note: This command replaces the servic command /CS REGISTER, and does NOT require you to specify a password.
It also replaces the service command /NS REGISTER, allowing you to register nicknames and channels with the same command.