Usage: AKILL <nick|user@host> <reason> [<time>]
This will place a kline on all servers that are connected to your server, thus preventing someone from logging into the entire network. You can use the nick for a user who is currently on the chat network and the network will akill that user's address. You must include a reason for the command to work.
Note: If a server is split off when the akill is placed, it will not be present on that system. To get a list of akills on your server do a /STATS k and look for the lines that are prefixed with A: instead of K:. See rakill and unakill to remove an akill. Akills must end with either text, or the time parameter. If no time parameter is given, the akill will be placed indefinitely.
/akill Rachel flooding 30
/akill alumnus@nc-67-77-218-198.dyn.sprint-hsd.net spamming
An akill is a way of banning someone from the chat network. It is a last resort when warnings and kills did not keep the person from misbehaving. An akill works basically the same way that a channel ban works, except that it prevents someone from logging into the network rather than from just joining a channel.
See also: RAKILL