Usage: ACCESS [<nick>] [<#channel>]
Usage: ACCESS <#channel> [<level>] <ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE|COUNT|ENABLE|DISABLE> [<nick>]
ACCESS is used to control all channel access related functionalities.
ACCESS - Lists all channels you have access in.
ACCESS <nick> - Lists all channels the specified nick has access in. (Requires you to identify to the nick or be network operator.)
ACCESS <nick> <channel> - Tells you what access a given nick has to a given channel. (You need to have access in the channel or be an operator.)
If you specify a channel as first argument, it allows you to manage the channel's access lists. Valid levels are UOP, VOP, AOP, SOP, and MGR. The level can be omitted if you use the parameter ACCESS COUNT, which gives the number of entries in each access level list.
See the subcommands for details, as shown in the examples.
/access #movies
/access #movies Jay
/helpserv access add
/helpserv access list
/helpserv access aop
You need channel access for most subcommands of this command, you will not be able to modify access lists that rank higher or equal to your own access level. The commands ACCESS LIST and ACCESS COUNT are available to all users who have access to the channel.
Note: This command replaces the service commands /CS UOP|VOP|AOP|SOP|MGR, /CS WHY, /CS ACC and /CS COUNT, as well as /NS LIST, and /NS LISTCHANS.